Introduction to Heelwork to Music

What is Heelwork to Music?

Heelwork to Music is a great way of developing your dog's training and focus whilst increasing their skills and flexibility. For people who love doing competitive style obedience HTM can really boost your dog's work and spice up your training.

There are eight different heelwork positions - along with all the "moves" which are great fun to teach your dog eg: walk back, weave, round, wiggle and boogie! We then put these moves to music and look at what music might suit you and your dog, building up to choreographing short routines.

No previous experience of Heelwork to Music is needed for either owner or dog, just a foundation of basic obedience. This is a new and exciting sport open to everyone - even if you have two left feet! You just need a sense of humour and a desire to have fun with your dog.

We aim to take you from beginner level onwards as far as you wish to go - right up to competition level if you are feeling inspired.

These workshops are designed to give you a taste of HTM - we run weekly classes for those wishing to continue this fantastic sport.

Workshop Structure:

This is a three hour workshop and we will introduce you and your dog to Heelwork to Music. No previous experience is needed, just a platform of basic obedience - this really is open to everyone wanting to try something new with their dog.

We will explain the difference between Heelwork to Music and Freestyle, then the fun really begins as you Have-a-go with your dog. We shall then show you how to teach your dog some basic moves, spins and twists, weaves etc.

The workshop will finish by linking a few of the moves together and adding some music.

By the end of the workshop you will have enough skills to start practising at home. The techniques are such that even if you only have a few minutes to spare you will still be able to dance round the kitchen with your dog...

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