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Once you have established the core foundations that comes with the pet dog training classes, you can then smoothly transition across to extra-curricular activities to channel your dog’s focus and have some varied fun.

Please enjoy exploring what’s available.

Muti Sports

Mondays 7.15pm & 8.30pm.

6 – 8 handler & dog spaces

8 Week Courses, 1 hour sessions

Your Instructor is Cathy Chambers

Multisports is about giving you a taster of different sports or activities. The main ones currently include agility, scent detection, tricks, Rally / Competition Obedience.  

The purpose of these courses is to enable you to discover, not only what you enjoy, but also what your dog takes to and enjoys.  A couple of weeks spent on each activity, the order of which will be influenced by the weather because some are outdoor only activities, some easy indoor activities.

In these classes you and your dog will initially be taught foundation skills relevant to each sport/activity.   Open to dogs from 9 months of age who are familiar and comfortable with group environments. Cathy has competed in all the sports listed, including being amongst the Crufts top ten finalists in Freestyle Heelwork To Music twice.

If you are grabbed by one particular sport that you want to then focus on,  we can point you in the right direction, be it within PIP or externally, for good places to go in order to achieve more. 

If you simply enjoy doing a little bit of everything, you can remain in Multisports, and develop through the levels of beginners, intermediate & advanced.


Mondays 9.45am.

3 – 4 handler spaces

6 Week Courses, 1 ½ hour sessions

Your Instructor is Sarah Ward

Tracking is wonderful sport, tapping into your dog’s natural abilities. This task fulfils our dogs both mentally and physically. Because tracking is a line handling activity, it is a great outlet for dogs who, for whatever reason, are unable to go off lead.

Sarah supports handlers who are just starting out in working trials competitions, helps people train for UK Tracking tests and ultimately provides this service just for the benefit of your dogs.

Although the groups are small, outdoors, with space around them, dogs do need to be comfortable in the vicinity of other dogs.

Dogs can start tracking from 6 months old.

You need an appropriate harness and a line, which Sarah can discuss with you.

Spaces only open up occasionally for this sport at the moment.

Rally Obedience

Mondays .

Beginners/Novice 2.15pm 1 hour

Advanced 3.30pm 1 ½ hours

6 Week Courses

Your stand in Instructor is Karen Foster

Rally Obedience is a fun sport which is often considered quite gentle, however still challenges both handlers and dogs alike. The test or competition is to follow a flowing course of signs and be able to perform the exercises they represent to the best possible standard you can achieve. As you advance through the levels, more activities get layered in.

Your dog can start Rally from 6 months onwards. Often veteran dogs from other more physically demanding sports, will be transitioned into Rally rather than be retired. Rally helps provide both mental and inner core fitness.


Beginners 9.45am, Intermediate 11am, Advanced 12.15pm

1 hour sessions, 6 Week Courses

Your is Instructor is Rebecca Lawrence-Baker

Agility is now one of the most popular sports there is. It is always great fun watching handlers and dogs run agility courses at local shows or Crufts, but it is only when you start training in agility that you realise how many skills there are to learn to create what you see. Agility doesn’t just provide a physical workout; it provides a mental one too.

At Pets In Partnership we focus on handlers having fun with their family dogs, but teach to a standard and style that enables you to explore the option of competing if you feel inclined to.

Most of us don’t have the gardens or the equipment to simulate class lessons back at home, however we still give you skills homework, tasks and exercises that you can easily work on in between sessions that will power you forwards together.

Scent Detection Work

Fridays 5.15pm & 6.30pm

1 hour sessions, 6 Week Courses

Your is Instructor is Liz Phillips

Scent Detection Training has become a leading activity / sport over the last few years, providing a pet dog version of the real work that service dogs do in the forces, with the police, or security teams.

Like tracking, it taps into our dogs’ natural skill sets and brings them a huge amount of job satisfaction.

First, they have to learn the skills of indication, then learn to identify a chosen scent to search for. As they develop, they start with simple searches that expand into increasingly challenging ones.

Become a team, and detect where the hidden scent lies.

K9 Golden Oldies Veterans Group

Coming Soon!

Walking In Partnership

Please click on the link to go to the page about our group training walks.

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