Pet Behaviour

We help with both canine & feline behaviour for individuals as well as within multi pet households.

Private consultation services include the following options:

Telephone consultations

Zoom consultations

Puppy Home Starts

Private Training Tuition

Home Behaviour Assessments or Behaviour Assessments on our site

The Process

When you call us you will get a ‘Discovery call’ with our Senior Training Advisor, Karen Foster.

Karen will be able to get a sense of yours and your pets’ needs and go through the best options for you.

Karen provides a huge amount of behaviour support for out clients and if extended time with Karen is relevant, then extra telephone consultation time can be booked.

If your situation requires our Senior Behaviour Consultant, Rebecca Lawrence-Baker, then Karen will either book you a consultation with her, or book you an initial telephone consultation call with her.

On this call Rebecca will dig a little deeper into the challenges that brought you to us, provide appropriate advice and support for the immediate set of circumstances you are in and identify the best pathway options for you all.

We provide a variety of behaviour & training packages here as well as liaise with a range of experts externally.

Other members of our private training and consultation team are Sarah Ward, Nick Wright & Liz Phillips

With Dogs

Separation Anxiety

Stealing & Possession

Reactivity to outdoor Life

Fear problems

Stabilising Rescue Dogs

Setting puppies up on the best path

Aggression & Chase issues

With Cats

House Soiling

Cats & Dogs Together


Multi Cat Household Issues

Obssessive Compulsive Behaviour

Moving house

We deal with behaviour issues from the simplest to the more serious:

With Dogs:

Toilet Training

Separation Anxiety




With Cats:

House Soiling

Cats & Dogs Together


Multi Cat Household Issues

Obssessive Compulsive Behaviour

And much more! If you are having any of these issues and need help, call us today!

Our Essences

Rebecca Lawrence-Baker Dip.CVM is a qualified practitioner in the Bach Flower Remedies (Vibrational Medicine) for both animals & people.

These essences can support some behaviour struggles our pets contend with in remarkable ways.

Rebecca provides this as an additional option within her behaviour work if it has relevance.

Our products are sourced through the highly ethical company 'Crystal Herbs'.

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Pet Dog And Sports Classes

Our pet dog classes sit at the heart of our services, laying a solid core foundation of training with starting options for all, be it puppies, teenage dogs or adults.
The courses evolve up the levels to our fun-loving advanced groups and include opportunities to achieve the Kennel Club Good Citizens Medal Tests along the way. Our Pet Dog classes also provide a great spring board for successfully jumping into sports activities, either with us or anywhere else.

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