Bach Flower Remedies, Flower & Gem Essences for Animals and Owners

"..the herbs of the field are so simple to use and so wonderfully effective in their healing powers.."
Edward Bach

A Natural Way of Help

Bach Flower Remedies, originally created by Dr Bach in the first half of the twentieth century have been world wide in their success and have lead to an extensive variety of amazing flower and gem essences continually being created and sourced from numerous countries. To understand more about the incredible work of Dr Bach and all that has evolved since, there is plenty of information to be found via books and the website or indeed, by phoning us, so we won’t go in depth here.

These natural essences are an enlightening and safe way to bring balance into our lives and the lives of our pets, thus improving emotional and physical well-being at the deepest levels. With our animals they can heal difficulties that practical work sometimes cannot achieve alone. Our pets can be affected by the stresses and strains within our own lives and the essences can help protect them. They can ease the unknown traumas of rescue animals, the fears so many pets develop in our overwhelming environment and irregular patterns brought about through poor breeding. They can help heal known traumas and enhance the relationship between pet and owner.

Essences are entirely natural in the making, which means there are no side effects of any kind, nor do they interfere with any veterinary treatment your pet may be receiving. They are also very simple to use so there is no need to stress our animals in the process of administering them.


Individually Tailored Service

We create Bach Flower Remedies and essence combinations specifically for the individual personality concerned. Every detail provided is taken into account as the flower and gem essences are carefully selected. Ongoing telephone or e-mail contact is available and combinations are altered as each individual progresses.

It you already own a full set of Bach Flower Remedies and would like some guidance on what is best to use for your pet then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Optional First Contact
Contact us to have a preliminary chat first so that you can ask any questions you may have and to provide Rebecca with an insight into where the help is needed. There is no cost to doing this and she will be more than happy to speak with you.

Make An Initial Appointment
This can be done in two ways: You can book a telephone consult or a one to one visit so that Rebecca can meet both you and your pet personally depending on what you would prefer. In some cases she may feel it important to request the latter but in general telephone consults are fine. In the case of a telephone appointment it can at times be useful for a photo of your pet to be sent across.

Continuing On
It is not necessary to arrange an appointment for every batch of essences you request. General support, repeat orders and small alterations are included. The need for further appointments to allow more extensive sessions are mutually recognised should it arise.

And Finally
A common question is how long should the essences be used for. Well this is very personal as well. Given that they are a completely natural product which in no way harms our animals or provokes side effects, overall it doesn’t matter. In practice it can vary right across the board - a couple of months for some, a couple of years for others. The key is to let your pet tell you; which may sound strange but if they come off the essences before they have really done their job you will see relevant signs. The great thing about essences is that you can come back to them time and again.


Practitioner’s Personal Note

Over a decade ago now, entirely by chance, I happened upon the Bach Flower Remedies and their holistic field of natural therapy at a very troubled time in my own life.  I’d had no idea that a member of my own family was a practitioner and I feel very fortunate.  I had spent some years dodging the automatic route of medical drugs, trying to keep on an even keel without adding further potential complications.  So I took the help my Aunt offered me, keen to move on, even though I was partially quite sceptical!  I was not instantly sensitive to their effects in the way some individuals can be and I carried my scepticism for some years, but I kept using them.  The reason being; it was when I stopped taking them that I became aware of their incredible influence.

Whilst I was Veterinary Nursing and training in the field of pet behaviour, I started to use the essences with sick and traumatised animals.  Unlike us our pets don’t block things with walls of analytical questioning.  The results I saw and experienced first hand were phenomenal, increasing my interest and leading me to take my two year Diploma.  Truth be told, it wasn’t until the second year that I dropped the last dregs of doubt, doubt which at this time, it is very natural for people to feel; but there is nothing to lose and lots to benefits to gain.
Rebecca  Dip.CVM