Rally Obedience Training Classes

As with all our services, the Covid 19 Pandemic has interrupted the provision of this activity.  We are currently in the process of resolving logistical challenges in order to get this sport back up and running as soon as possible.  We hope before Christmas.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.  We have a Rally Contact List if you would like to be added to this for all notifictions.


Rally Obedience (or Rally-O for short), is one of the newest sports in the UK. It is based on the original sport developed by Charles Kramer in the USA.

It aims to bring a fun new challenge to pet dog owners, all that is needed are some basic obedience skills. Rally-O is an easy sport for handlers and dogs to partake in and yet is very good for both re-inforcing existing handling skills and assisting in developing new levels of obedience and control.

Set obedience style exercises are written out on signs (referred to as 'stations') and placed on numbered cones for the team (dog and handler) to negotiate their way around. It is an Obedience Obstacle Course.

Participants have to complete the Obedience exercise at each station before moving on to the next. At beginners level their are around 14 stations to complete. Each team is marked on its performance at each station (or rather marked down for lack of performance...!) and the team with the best score at the end of the runs is the winner. The competitive aspect of Rally-O encompasses the others taking part but, particularly at the early stages, primarily it is the personal challenge of each handler and dog to perform as well as possible.

Rally Basics:

  • Judging starts after you have passed the start cone and ends once you have passed the finish cone.
  • Always walk to the left hand side of the cones (so that the cones are on your right) unless you are performing a slalom or left spiral).
  • Perform the stations just in front and to the left of the cone before moving on to the next station.
  • Left and right turns in Talking Dogs Rally should be done as an arc.
  • Left and right turns in APDT Rally should be done sharply.
  • Don't make circle stations too large.

Course structure:

  • 6 week course
  • 1 1/2 hours once a week

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All training classes currently held at our Lubards centre. Pet behaviour services can be held throughout Essex and East Anglia.
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