Pet Dog Training Classes

Pet Dog Training Classes
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We run weekly courses.
Our Pet Dog Classes are all about training the dog to be an enjoyable companion at home and out and about.

Weekly Courses

These are 11 week block courses 1 hour once a week limited to 8 dogs per class as fixed groups for the duration of each course.  This structure allows fluid progression in your training and helps ensure that we can support each of you as comprehensively as possible. These are still the most popular version, primarily because people like the ongoing motivation provided by attending regularly.

Training Style

Our training uses the positive motivation that comes through you personally, through toys and play and through food, in combination, as appropriate to each individual.  We teach the dogs body language signals and verbal commands combined.  We will also take into account anything else you may be doing, for example we will adapt techniques to ensure a dog also going through gun dog work is not compromised.  All the courses enable you to go through the good citizens medal tests.  (We do not clicker train in our pet dog classes but if you have an interest in the clicker as a training aid, then we do run workshops on the clicker and it is incorporated into some of the sports)

Beginners Courses

Our beginners courses are open to dogs from the moment they are fully vaccinated through to any age.  The majority are youngsters and with the older dogs we run a check to ensure a class is the right starting point for them.
Beginners is all about laying a good foundation and it is essentially focused on building and strengthening the relationship between you and your dog because it is your relationship that will get you what you are looking for.
There is regular and progressive play work.  We get your dogs under way with the key controls which include sit, down, stay, recall, heel.  We teach them lead walking manners and carry out numerous behaviour talks for basic issues everybody gets faced with from playbiting, jumping up to stealing and separation problems.

Intermediate Course

We mix intermediate levels 1 & 2 for mutual benefits and the courses naturally run off the back of the beginners.  We now build on the foundation level, asking more of the dogs with the stays and recalls, starting to put distance in with the key control commands, particularly the down.  We commence teaching the dogs to halt on the move and carry out numerous social exercises with regard to walking.  We continue providing relevant behaviour help and monitor how things are at home with you.  The dogs start heelwork, but this is not obedience style.  We give you a taster of the different sports and mix in some fun stuff amongst the serious such as ‘find it’ and retrieve games.


By the time you reach advanced, whilst we continue to work on anything relevant to home life, the training is much more for ongoing fun and stimulation.  We continue to work on all of the above but we mix in a variety of things, bits of trials work, agility, obedience, medal test work, and the courses are increasingly tailor made to the group’s wishes.  The advanced is popular with those people who don’t want to do a specific sport, but do wish to carry on doing something with their dogs.


At any point through all these levels you can simultaneously start training in the sports such as agility and obedience and/or transfer out of the pet dog classes to pursue your key interests once you are happy with your general basics.  With the sports we run, we train to a standard that will allow those of you who get the bug to compete, whilst keeping it at a fun level for those of you who don’t want that kind of pressure!

Pet Dog Training Classes
Contact us for class times and start dates