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We have been attending dog training classes with Pets in Partnership since we got our Rottweiler puppy over 6 years ago.  As this was our first dog together we wanted to get Lola trained so that she could be the best dog possible. We had seen first hand what Pets in Partnership could offer as they had handled and helped another family who were having some trouble with their dogs behaviour towards other people.
From the outset the team at Pets in Partnership made us feel welcome. They were friendly and personable.
We have had our challenges as Lola has grown. Lola is a very loving family dog, she is stubborn (a Rottweiler trait), but as a whole obedient and happy. She would not be the dog she is today without the help, guidance and knowledge of the team at Pets in Partnership. 
We continue to attend the classes on a week to week basis as we find it provides a mental stimulation to Lola, who loves her training.


We have been associated with Pets in Partnership for many years and are very grateful for their help & support. Ted aged 9 & Bella aged 7 are both 1st cross West Highland /Yorkshire terriers and as such with terriers they can be challenging. 
We have had Ted since he was a puppy. He was always a nervous dog and struggled with meeting other dogs (no problem with humans) which showed as constant barking when he met other dogs the volume increasing and getting higher in pitch only stopping once away from the other dogs.  Bella joined us as a puppy nearly two years later. As Bella began to get older and grow in confidence we became concerned about her developing aggression especially when out and meeting other dogs (she was also absolutely fine with humans). At this point we knew we were going to need help so we looked on the internet and found Pets in Partnership and reached out to Rebecca who from the start was incredibly supportive.  Over the months we began with assessments and one to one sessions working on ways to cope with their problems. Gradually they were able to join an intermediate classes (not together) as they were not beginners by this time and since then they have gone on from strength to strength. Both are now in advanced groups and have achieved many awards and most recently their bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen award, now working towards their Silver award.  Bella also enjoyed agility and is a very agile little girl, but sadly a weakness in the musculature of one of her back legs meant we had to retire her from this activity.  We have very high praise for Rebecca and her team and we are in no doubt we would not be in the position we are in today without them. Ted and Bella are not perfect and need continual work but we have the tools taught to us by the team to manage any situation.


My first contact with Pets in Partnership was 8 years ago.  I was the proud owner of two cockapoo puppies, both boys and from the same litter.  Their names are Buzz and Woody.
All was fine for a few weeks, but at 14 weeks they had a fairly serious fight which resulted in Woody getting a nasty cut to his neck.  I didn’t know what to do so I rang a friend who worked at PIP.  She recommended that the puppies were separated immediately and that I spoke to Rebecca for further advice.
I had an hour long conversation with Rebecca the following day.  As well as being very knowledgeable, she was really heartfelt and handled the situation with understanding and sensitivity.  Ultimately, as devastating as it felt at the time, the best option for the puppies was for them to each have their own home.  I was very fortunate because thankfully, my sister came to the rescue and took Buzz to live with her.  They live very close to me and once we settled them down over a few months we were able to successfully bring them together as the extended family we are without any recurrence of problems.  The new arrangement was working for both of us so that is how it has remained.
Over the last 8 years I have tried almost every class offered by PIP including pet dog obedience, which I still do now, agility, heel work to music, tricks and competition obedience.  All training uses positive rewards in the form of food and play.  They are fun for owner and dog.
The team at PIP have helped me with various problems, they’re always happy to help by providing advice and suggesting possible solutions.  They care about the dogs and their owners and are passionate about dog training. 
Just recently another adult dog, a female Golden Retriever came to live with me and Rebecca advised me of the best way to help her adjust to her new circumstances.  She has become quite an obedience star and is very settled.
Many thanks to the whole team.